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We're Restoring the Redmond Treehouse!

FINALLY! FINALLY! We're doing it! It's time to restore the Treehouse!

It's taken a long time for the family to recover from tragedy, trauma and loss to get to the point where they can focus on restoration versus month-to-month survival. This summer they have a small window of time saved (July-September) to complete the Treehouse and open it up for enjoyment before returning to the month-to-month survival game. Join us in this restoration journey!

Much thanks is given to the many wonderful new friends and family who have supported the Rondel's by visiting their Cobbage on Airbnb. If it wasn't for them, the family wouldn't have survived. In order for the homestead to become sustainable, another business must be created to support the homestead, cue Treehouse! The family is currently too dependent on daughters Jennie and Courtney to help support the family farm. Their support is given selflessly (Jennie has given her salary for years to the family), which means their lives have been somewhat put on hold to fight the trauma of their family situation.

Through grit, love and determination, the family has fought back to get to this point, but can't do it alone! It takes a team to get big things done, and the Redmond Treehouse has been waiting patiently for the Rondel's to pick themselves up and dust off their creative-functional-art skills to finish what was started 40 years ago. Join us on this adventure! Follow @RedmondTreehouse to see all the breaking progress and join our email list for news first.

The current state of the Treehouse's old maple tree is on life's decline, we can accommodate it's retirement by building new treehouse legs (6"x6" beams) and a new floor foundation to support the rest of the level's connections. Some work will need to be replaced, but all-in-all the Treehouse is more than ready to become an amazing space for inspiration and creativity.

By using repurposed and upcycled materials, we'll also become waste stream diverters seeing just how creative we can get with materials locally available. We'd like to use the treehouse as an office and space for people to stay/enjoy. It will be restored in an eco-conscious way with vertical water systems and perhaps even growing gardens plus passive solar and composting systems - we're hoping to take the structure to the next technological level!

We can't wait to get this project going and need your help in spreading the news and raising resource funds for the family! Any little bit helps! Every share and support is greatly appreciated.

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